The Complete Interpreter

Everything you always wanted to know about the EU interinstitutional accreditation test

July 10, 2023 Sophie Llewellyn Smith Season 1
The Complete Interpreter
Everything you always wanted to know about the EU interinstitutional accreditation test
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Hi! Welcome to the Complete Interpreter podcast by the Interpreting Coach.

Why 'Complete Interpreter'? Because you're not just an interpreting or translation machine, you're also a person and a business owner, and I hope to help you take a 360 view of yourself and share some great tried-and-tested strategies to improve your interpreting skills, mindset, and marketing.

This episode is all about the EU accreditation test for freelance interpreters.

I'd like to thank Cathy Pearson for graciously agreeing to give up so much of her time to be interviewed for the show, as well as Marilena Iannidinardi and all the EU evaluators who contributed to the episode.

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the podcast:
- 2023/2024 test calendar
- website with all the relevant information about the accreditation test (eligibility, FAQs)
- language profiles
- consecutive and simultaneous marking criteria
- EU Speech Repository
- EU audiovisual portal (news clips and meeting recordings in multiple languages)
- EbS (Europe by Satellite), European Union's TV information service
- SCICtrain - resource containing demo videos by EU interpreters
- the podcast episode about the UN exams

You may also find these resources useful:
- my growth mindset challenge can be found by scrolling down the home page
- my podcast episode about reframing stress
- my podcast episode about getting over mistakes
- my course on dealing with acute stress

Look out for the second part of this podcast (coming soon), where we'll hear from successful candidates, and I'll talk about preparation strategies.

Let me know what you'd like me to talk about next!

Sophie (aka The Interpreting Coach)

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Intro and episode outline
How often are tests held? All booths or separately?
Format of the exam: simultaneous
Feedback after simultaneous
Why do the tests take place online?
Technical requirements for candidates (headset, Internet connection etc.)
Language profiles
Are 'retours' needed? Should you apply with a B language if possible?
What are the examiners looking for?
What are typical causes of exam failure? Do candidates fail more on consec or simultaneous?
Is there a '3 strikes and you're out' rule?
Exam speeches
Support from the EU institutions for candidates
What's the pass rate?
Outro and thanks